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Cleaning the Dual Bay Temp ID Printer

     To clean the single or dual bay temp id printer you will need a cleaning card or two.  Some cleaning cards come with the temp id printer. You can get more by contacting customer service or by calling 1.888.894.4591.

      See the video tutorial on cleaning the temp id printer.

      Make sure the printer is turned ON. Lift up the tinted dome cover and remove any labels that are touching the rollers. You remove the labels by hitting the small black button with a triangle on it.

     On the dual bay printer there are two: one on the left hand side of the left bay and next to the black lever and a second one to the right side of the right bay.

      Hitting this button makes the labels feed backwards. You can remove the labels from the machine or simply roll the excess on the roller. The goal is to make sure the labels aren't touching the roller.

      Remove the cleaning card from the packet and prepare to feed the cleaning card to the roller from the back side of the temp id printer. Steady the cleaning card with one hand and with the other hand hit the blinking button if the card is not automatically accepted.

      When the cleaning card starts to feed into the temp id printer roller you should let go of the cleaning card. The card will feed all the way through and the temp id printer is now clean.

      Simply repeat the steps above  if you are using the dual bay temp ID printer . Discard the cleaning card(s) once they run through the printer. You can't reuse them.

      Wait at least three minutes for the roller(s) to dry before attempting to feed the temp id labels into the printer.


Speak to Customer Service LIVE! if you have questions.


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Using our labels for your temp ids lets you know if someone is trying to use yesterday's Temp ID badge again today.




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