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What We Need from You to Print your Photo ID Cards

      TempIDs.com  needs the following from you so we can print your custom photo ID cards, nametags for meetings and conventions, and student cards: an excel or csv file (created in excel) properly formatted with the data you need printed on the ID card, a picture file with all pictures tagged properly, any logos (we have some that you can use) and a copy of your current ID or a hand drawn design of how you would like us to design it.

      We'll take each item step by step:

      Your excel file should contain all items you would like printed on the photo ID card: first name, last name, grade, classification, division, ID number, and the like. If you would like the person's picture printed on the ID card then we will need a field that reads photoproperty. This will serve as the identifies to link up the records with the proper picture.

     Our software merges your database and the picture files.  We need the pictures tagged properly so it can import in and match up in the correct manner. If you are using photos from the studio then they know how to properly tag each photo. If you are using pictures taken with your dslr or point and shoot then the pictures must be cropped properly and identified properly.

      When you take a picture with your camera it saves it to a file and typically is numbered sequentially. The first image may read IMG_001, IMG_002, and so on. We can use these pictures, but this means you will need to go in your excel file and record IMG_001 into the correct record in the photoproperty record.. We'll need all photos in one folder.

      You can email your logo needed when you send the picture file. We have hundreds of logos to choose from if you don't have a good copy.

      We will need a copy of your current ID card or a hand drawing of what you would like your ID badge to look like. We'll design it according to your specifications and email you a proof.

      Don't forget to let us know if you need a bar code! There is no extra charge to print a bar code, but we need to print everything on the card at one time. We will also need to find out what bar code style you need so that the reader can recognize the bar code.

      Is this a horizontal or vertical design?  Will  you need printing on the back side and is it in color or black ink only.

      We like to send a couple of samples out when we print the bar code so you can test them to make sure they can be read by your scanners. We are printing the bar code according to your specifications.

The typical background color is white. Text is easier to read and photos show better when the background is white. Most PVC cards that IDs are printed on are white. Special order cards are available in custom colors.

The most important parts of a photo ID badge are the picture, name, company, employee ID number and other critical information. Be sure you don’t make the ID badge too busy or fill it with too much text. You want the badge to be easily read. Darker text is easier to read and prints the best.

IDs can also include a bar code and a magnetic stripe. Data is often encoded into the magnetic strip or bar code for use at door entries, parking garages, company cafeterias and more.

Avoid the following background colors: fluorescent green, pink, orange and yellow. Make sure the card is as easy to read as possible. Be sure to take employee pictures in front of a white background.

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