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Tempids.com has three decades of experience in serving the lanyard needs of their customers.

There are various methods used to custom imprint on the neck lanyard fabric. The varying methods will influence the price.  

To clarify, tempids.com offers generic lanyards, custom lanyards, and personalized lanyards. Tempids.com offers generic, custom, and personalized lanyards.

Generic lanyards  are lanyards that have no printing on them.  They can be wide or narrow like the rope style that a referee uses to hold a whistle.

Custom lanyards  are lanyards that have custom printing on them like a logo and text on the right and left hand side. Our lanyards, with few exceptions, are printed on both sides of the fabric.   The narrowest width is 3/8" although some lanyards have a round cord with custom printing.  The widest width is 1.5".  Our lanyards are made to order, but the common widths are 3/8", 5/8", and 7/8".

Personalized lanyards  are specialized lanyards that have custom printing one side and a staff member's name on the other. You provide an excel file of the staff members to personalize and we will print from it.  An example of this would be Acme Co. printed on one side and Melissa Davis on the other,  the next one Acme Co. printed on one side and Greg Evans on the other side, the next Acme Co. printed on one side and Bill Arnold on the other side, and so on.  Each lanyard is unique to that individual. Keep it personal!

There seems to be a lot of confusion with what personalized lanyards are.  I did a search for personalized lanyards and only one company listed in the first 10 pages actually did personalized lanyards. So only 1 out of 100 companies actually provided what I was looking for when I needed personalized lanyards.

It is important to note that you can only get personalized lanyards  when using the embroidered or sewn in process. Although not everyone that offers sewn in lanyards can offer personalized lanyards.

Most lanyards are only printed on one side of the fabric, but this is not recommended.  Lanyards, regardless of the imprint method will twist during the day. If you get a lanyard that is printed on one side, there will be times of the day that it will appear that you are wearing a generic lanyard.  Why spend the extra money to custom print your lanyard if your message isn't always seen?  

We always print on both sides of the fabric with a few exceptions.  Our 24 hour lanyards and 5 day lanyards are only printed on one side of the fabric.

There are various methods used to imprint a lanyard. Below we outline the different methods from least expensive to best quality.  

Hot Stamping  is the least expensive method used to custom print a lanyard and is almost always limited to a one color lanyard with one color imprint.  The imprint quality is inferior and is not something we recommend so we do not offer this method.  Hot stamping is a light pass over the fabric and the imprint is temporary.  With hot stamping you are limited in your fabric color and imprint choices.  On my sales calls I have seen poor hot stamping jobs where the imprint came off by simply rubbing the fabric material.Most low cost lanyard producers print using a hot stamp method.  Some lanyard providers will mislead you by advertising their imprint jobs as silk screen when it is actually a hot stamp job.

Silk Screening is more durable than hot stamping. The imprint quality is better than hot stamping. Silk screening is a bright pass over fabric. Where most providers offer less than 10 lanyard color choices with silk screening, tempids.com offers hundreds of fabric color choices with silk screening and prints on both sides of the fabric when ordering the standard production time lanyards.  We have limited colors available on tempids.com 24 hour lanyards and 5 day production lanyards. Tempids.com can print more than one color on silk screen lanyards. Most providers only print on one side of the fabric as a rule which is not a good idea.

Dye Sublimation is a permanent impressoin on the fabric where the inks are baked into the fabric.  It is also known as heat transfer. You can get many multiple colors printed with dye sublimation. Tempids.com offers hundreds of fabric color choices with the sublimation process.  The heat transfer process is a nicer quality than silk screened lanyards.

Sewn In is a high end imprint where the text is sewn in the fabric. This method is also known as embroidered or woven. The impression is permanent like the heat transfer method. There are limits with number of colors and detail.  This method is not suggested for high registration. Advantages of this method is the low minimums and the ability to personalize the individual name on one side and the organization's name on the other. Lanyard printing in action video.


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