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Lanyard Imprint Styles Explained

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Lanyard Imprint Styles   Video

     There are four main main types of imprinting on the lanyard fabric: Hot Stamp, Silk Screen, Heat Transfer, and Sewn In.  There are alternate name descriptions for the heat transfer and sewn in.  For heat transfer some refer to it as dye sub and for sewn in a couple of other monikers are embroidered, woven, or jacquard. When you order at least 500 lanyards, you have more options -- color, attachments, custom widths, detachable buckle imprint, and other lanyard options. Below we go through each type of imprint. manufactures a comprehensive line of quality custom printed lanyards.  Based on this fact alone, we do not offer hot stamp imprinted lanyards.  Hot stamping is a light pass on the lanyard material surface and produces a poor quality lanyard.  We have come across hot stamp lanyards where the imprint came off on our hands without even rubbing the material.  

      You do not want to use lanyards that are hot stamp for this reason.  You don't want the imprint flaking onto your clothes like dandruff. It won't take long before the message on the lanyard is barely legible.  A word of caution: some online lanyard providers say they are supplying a silk screen imprinted lanyard when it is actually hot stamp.  The faint pass over the imprint can come off simply by rubbing the lanyard material for a few seconds.

      A popular method of imprint is silk screened lanyards. offers silk screened imprinted lanyards  Silk screening is not a faint pass over the lanyard fabric, but rather a solid bright pass over the fabric. We can do multiple colors on the lanyard fabric. When you order at least 500 which is our minimum, you can choose any color in the Pantone Matching System.

      We offer various widths with all lanyards. With silk screened lanyards you are limited with mascots or logos if you go with the 3/8" width.  All lanyards are made to order including the width.  Our 7/8" width are good when using a detailed logo.  Please note that we are one of the only lanyard providers where printing on both sides of the fabric is standard. This is important to note because lanyards will twist during the day and if you are wearing a one sided only printed lanyard, then it will appear as if you are wearing a generic (unimprinted) lanyard.  Why pay extra if your message isn't always visible.

      We uses different lanyard materials, but we suggest using flat lanyards instead of tubular so that the ink will stay on the lanyard.  Using flat lanyard material will make the imprint stay on longer.  Silk screening is not a permanent impression like heat transfer or sewn in, but it is a viable alternative.

      Heat Transfer is another method of imprint.  Some refer to it as dye sub.  This method of imprint uses extreme heat to forge the inks onto the fabric.  You can get a solid four color process, not just four spot ink colors, printed on the lanyard material.  The imprint is on both sides of the fabric, but we have seen cases where only one side of the lanyard was printed.

      With heat transfer imprinted lanyards, you get to dictate the imprint colors and not from just a basic spectrum. You can choose from the thousands of pantone colors offered.  The minimum order is also 500 lanyards. Heat transfer imprinted lanyards are a high quality method of imprint since it is a permanent impression on the fabric.

      Sewn In or Embroidered lanyards are another permanent method of imprint.  The company name is embroidered onto the fabric. The method is such that the reverse image appears on the underside of the lanyard fabric so that the message is on both sides of the fabric.

      A great thing about sewn in lanyards is the low minimums offered. You can order as few as 25 lanyards on initial orders. Existing lanyard customers can reorder as few as one lanyard. Most customers order custom lanyards like the other methods listed above, but you can also get personalization which is better than customization with this method of imprint. For clarification, customization is the organization's name printed throughout the lanyard. Personalization takes customization one step further by placing the organization's name on one side and imprinting an individual's name on the other. Personalized Lanyards,   Staff Name Lanyards Samples, and  Teacher Name Lanyards are examples of this.

      Even with the low 50 count minimum with's embroidered lanyards, you still get over 25 lanyard colors to select from. If you order over 500 lanyards, then you get to select from any of the thousands of pantone colors.

      We offer two types of lanyard material with the sewn in or embroidered lanyards -- standard and deluxe. The standard is the traditional heavy weight material and the deluxe is a softer fabric that is lighter on the neck.

      We have come across inferior embroidered lanyards too where only the top side of the lanyard was imprinted and nothing was printed or shown on the underside.  Since all lanyards twist, you don't want to use a provider that can't offer a true embroidered lanyard where the imprint will appear on both sides. With you don't have to worry about your custom lanyard job, we do lanyards right.  Video of lanyard machine printing embroidered lanyards.

     Lanyards are critical for photo ID and access control systems. Lanyards are used to display photo ID badges, and hold keys, access cards, USB flash drives, and cell phones. lanyards are always printed on both sides.  The only exception is lanyards printed on our 24 hour production schedule which is printed on one side only.  Online lanyard providers always print on one side only.  The problem with this is lanyards twist during the day and it will appear that you are wearing a generic or unimprinted fabric.  You pay extra to have your message printed on the lanyard.  Why not always see the imprinted message, regardless if the lanyard has twisted.  

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