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Proper Way to Remove the Labels in the Temp ID Printer: text & video

     Removing the labels properly in the Temporary ID printer is very easy. It is suggested that you follow these steps so that your temp id printer remains mechanically sound.  

    Please share this reference page with any staff that will handle the temp id printer.

     Please see the video below to see how it's done (applies to single or dual bay temp id printer). Text instructions are below the video. You may be interested in our related video: what the levers are for.


Proper way to remove the labels in single or dual bay temp id printer

      Lift the cover up and to the back; on the single and dual bay printer there are round buttons with a triangle and a line underneath located to the left of the left bay and to the right of the right bay; press the button one time and the labels will feed backwards and stop: you can then pick up the slack and remove the labels by taking out the spool assembly. Please remember that you should not touch the black lever to remove the labels

     You can now load new labels or clean the printer (text version) or clean the temp id printer video.

     That's all there is to it.

     TempIDs.com provides free tech support with temp id printers and ID badge software. The easiest way to get the support is to Contact Customer Support LIVE!.


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Using our labels for your temp ids lets you know if someone is trying to use yesterday's Temp ID badge again today.




For the super curious, we explain what the levers are for on the temp id printer.

What is the light in the front of the temp id printer for?

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