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Types of Temp IDs

     What are Temp IDs?

     There are four basic types of Temporary ID badges. The various types of temporary ID badges discussed here are all offered by TempIDs.com. We will discuss each type and their respective pros and cons. Most Temp ID badges are sticky labels.

      Temp IDs printed from your identification badge software (Printed Temp IDs) so that the recipient's name, picture, and other data ( barcode, grade, classification ) appear on the sticky label are what we call "new school" temp ids or temp badges. You are utilizing your digital data to replicate the hard card ID information and it takes TWO seconds to print the Temp ID.

      Until recently, schools and businesses printed their new school temp ids on white labels only until tempids.com introduced color labels. Using color labels allows security to tell from a distance if the Temp ID wearer has a valid temporary ID badge on since you color code the labels for the different days of the week.

      Administrators care for this type of temporary IDs since it involves a low acquisition and maintence cost to implement; Temp IDs are printed quickly (in less than 2 seconds); you don't have to collect the temporary ID badges at the end of the day; TempIDs.com has color labels for the different days of the week; and the student's name and picture is on the Temp ID.

     Many in corporate and school security are familiar with the self expiring temp ID badges. These self expiring temporary ID badges use a patented formula with a two part label system -- a timing circle and a backer.  When the timing circle is applied to the backer, the timing component is activated and the temp id badge will change color typically in four to eight hours.

     There are two types of self expiring Temp ID badges "new school" and "old school".  The new school version uses tempids.com's temp id printer and your digital data in your id badge software to print the name, picture, and other data on the label (backer) printed from the tempids.com's temp id printer and then you affix the timing circle.  The old school version requires that you hand write the recipient's name and date and then you affix the timing circle.

      You can get the self expiring temporary ID labels custom printed with your organization's information. We can also custom print the timing circle.  Minimums do apply. Call 312.662.2525 or contact customer service for more details.

      The pros of the self expiring temp id badge is you don't have to collect the temp id badge at the end of the day and you can have the name and picture printed on it if you go the new school route.  The cons is that it is the most expensive way to implement temporary ids at your site; involves an extra step of removing and affixing an extra label whereas the other two label based Temp IDs require that you peel off one; and if you go the old school route then you hand write the person's name on the label.

      Preprinted Temporary ID labels fall into the old school temporary ids category. Preprinted Temp ID labels come on a roll with the school name, usually the mascot, and two or three lines printed on them so you can hand write the recipient's name, lunch number or homeroom information, and the date.

      You can't put the preprinted labels through the temp id label printer. These are for hand writing the information only.

      Pros you don't have to collect the temporary ID labels at the end of the day, but you might want to since people can use the preprinted temporary id labels again tomorrow*.  Cons you can't print the name and picture on the temporary ID badge as administrators prefer and you can't invalidate the temporary ID label.

      * TempIDs.com suggests using different color labels when using preprinted temporary IDs so that students can't use the same temporary ID again tomorrow.

      Preprinted Temp ID cards are cards that resemble the standard hard card ID, but typically have TEMP or TEMPORARY clearly visible. These preprinted Temp ID cards do not have a name or picture on it. It involves a lot of time and effort to implement since you have to make sure the recipient returns the preprinted Temp ID card at the end of the day or visit.

     Cons: Very people intensive to implement and maintain since you have to hand write who received a preprinted Temp ID card so you can keep track of it; you must chase these people down at the end of the day to collect the outstanding preprinted Temp ID cards so that they can't use it again; you can't print a name on it which is a basic requirement with temporary ID badges since you can't write on a plastic card; and the preprinted Temp ID cards are expensive to replace if you don't collect them.

     Customers of ours that have used this type of Temporary ID badge have not used it on a long term basis. They quickly embraced one of the above alternatives and the overwhelming favorite is the printed temporary id badge with the name, picture, and other data printed on them using your id badge software and tempids.com's temporary id printer.

All things related to Temporary ID badges -- labels, printer, software, and tech support -- TempIDs.com.

Using our labels for your temp ids lets you know if someone is trying to use yesterday's Temp ID badge again today.



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