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Early Dismissal with Duplicate Copy Book

Our early dismissal forms are a two part carbon free duplicate copy form that allows you to issue early dismissal passes quickly and efficiently. 

The early dismissal form, which resemble our tardy slips. is given to the student so they can show security they have the right to leave campus earlier than usual. The bottom copy that stays in the book is for your records.

This is another non-adhesive product like our tardy slips.. 

The early dismissal book contains 400 slips -- 400 slips on the top and 400 carbon copies below.  

There are two options with this product. Stock Early Dismissal books $21.00 each. Minimum order 2 books.

The second option is having your school name printed on our stock design. Each custom early dismissal book is $23.00 with a minimum orderof five books.

The top copy of the early dismissal is perforated for easy tear away.

The early dismissal pass with duplicate log allows you to quickly process students that will leave early that particular school day.

The top late pass copy that the student receives is given to the student so he or she can in turn hand it over to the security on their way off campus.

The Early Dismissal has a space for the student's name, date, time out, the class they will miss, reason , a box to check for excused or unexcused, and staff signature.

Most schools prefer our stock early dismissal books due to the quick turnarounds.












Early Dismissal Book with carbon copy for Schools

Early Dismissal with duplicate log pictured above

Stock book looks like samples above

$21.00 per book minimum order 2 books

Custom printed with your school name

$23.00 per book minimum order 5 books

Book size: 9.5 x 11"

Visa Mastercard American Express Discover card logos

You may also be interested in our Late Pass books with duplicate copy and our Visitor label book with duplicate log. The Tardy Slips and Early Dismissals are not labels. They are two part forms one for the student and one for your record keeping.























Simplify your Sign In process with our visitor labels.  The Visitor Label book is easy to order. Minimum order is one book and there is no set up charge.  Some order ship out in 24 hours, most in 48 hours, and art is produced for your approval 2-4 hours after receiving your order.

You simply choose whether you want: 

400 or 500 labels per book,

the color border you would like from the following choices: black, blue, red, yellow, and green on a white label OR a yellow background label with no border.

expiring or non expiring

and tell us how you would like your company name to appear. All books are made to order.

Customers who use the expiring version of the visitor labels like the one write system that is self contained.  They simply fold the expiring tab to activate the timing component.  In the past, one would have to apply a separate component, a timing sticker, to activate the expiring feature which was simply one extra step.

Don't forget to order our two part tardy slips books.

Sample pictures of the visitor label with carbon copy books for schools, for hospitals, and for businesses.

As is the case with other adhesives, the visitor labels should not be applied to.

Your visitor label with duplicate log to simplify your sign in process to track visitors is produced quickly

Tip: Since the self expiring labels are more expensive than the non expiring, you may want to consider ordering multiple books with different color borders and/or backgrounds and color coordinate the days to the different colors.  One way to get more bang for your buck.

All things related to Temporary ID badges -- labels, printer, software, and tech support -- TempIDs.com.

Using our labels for your temp ids lets you know if someone is trying to use yesterday's Temp ID badge again today.



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