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Temp IDs like the regular ID cards with picture and name on the label

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     TempIDs.com carries a full line of ID badge printers.  HID Fargo, Evolis, Datacard, and Polaroid Printers and the ID ribbon to go with those printers.

The Evolis Primacy printer is available as a single sided or dual sided ID card printer.  

The printer is super fast with a top speed of 225 single sided ID cards printed per hour and 140 dual sided ID badges per hour.

     These print speeds are for batch printing.  The dual sided ID badge is for color on the front and black ink only. These quick speeds allow you to issue color badges for school IDs, workplace badges, visitor badges, loyalty cards, membership cards, and access badges.

      The card hopper holds 100 cards at the input and output hopper locations.  The finished cards  pop out at the same spot where the input copper is -- in the front.  This makes it convenient for you.

      This printer comes with a three year warranty on the printer and print head.

      The Evolis Primacy is available as a single sided or dual sided model.  If your needs change down the road and you need to upgrade your printer to a dual sided model, then don't worry about wasting your investment in the printer.  You can upgrade the Evolis Primacy from a single sided to a dual sided printer in the field by ordering the part.

      Upgrade your old printer to the Evolis Primacy and keep using your ID software or upgrade your software to Asure ID and receive TempIDs full service tech support with badge design and database import and maintenance.

     Contacting Customer Support LIVE! will place you in touch with technical support so that we can address your issue. Many issues can be addressed and fixed over the live chat available when you link up with customer support.

     Call 312.662.2525 or contact customer service  for more details.

     TempIDs.com all things related to Temporary ID badges -- labels, printer, software, and tech support.

Using our labels for your temporary ids lets you know if someone is trying to use yesterday's Temp ID badge again today.



Get Help with Asure ID: import a database, merge pictures with your database, and card design

Five Color labels for the work week to print a picture, name, etc. with the temporary id printer

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Self Expiring with Picture, name, etc. printed

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