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     Many have first hand experience with self expiring temp ID badges. These self expiring temporary ID badges use a patented formula with a two part label system -- a timing circle and a backer.  

Example of Temp Badge with Timing Circle

The Better Way is the All Inclusive Self Expiring Visitor Pass with Duplicate Copy

Example of Self Expiring Visitor Label with Carbon Copy

Info on the two part continued below. Information on Self Expiring with Duplicate copy

     When the timing circle is applied to the backer, the timing component is activated and the temp id badge will change color typically in four to eight hours. Typically it goes from a clear timing circle to a dark circle or from a clear appearance to the word void after a set period of time.

     There are two types of self expiring Temp ID badges "new school" and "old school".  The new school version uses tempids.com's temp id printer and your digital data in your id badge software to print the name, picture, and other data on the label (backer) printed from the tempids.com's temp id printer and then you affix the timing circle.  The old school version requires that you hand write the recipient's name and date and then you affix the timing circle.

      Most order the stock self expiring badges with Student, School Visitor, Substitute, Volunteer, Visitor, Vendor, Temporary, and Contractor labels. You can get the self expiring temporary ID labels custom printed with your organization's information. We can also custom print the timing circle.  Minimums do apply. Call 312.662.2525 or contact customer service for more details.

      An issue to note if you want to go the "new school" route and run it through the temporary id printer with these self expiring badges is the label sizes offered will involve some work with database manipulation and card design since the smaller size offered is much smaller than the standard ID card and the larger size offered is not long enough on one of the sides.

      Our visitor badges with duplicate log are ideal for  for schools, for hospitals, and for businesses to identify guests to your building with or without the self expiring option.

     All things related to Temporary ID badges -- labels, printer, software, and tech support -- TempIDs.com.

Using our labels for your temporary ids lets you know if someone is trying to use yesterday's Temp ID badge again today.

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