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Visitor Badges that Expire for Sticky Labels or ID cards

There are three options to make Visitor Badges Expire whether you issue visitor badges manually via a sign in system or digitally through a sticky label or hard card. Make visitor badges good for a one time use only.  Visibly confirm whether a visitor badge is valid or expired.

Example of Self Expiring Visitor Badge Log Book

Self expiring visitor labels with manual sign in system pictured above

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self expiring labels run through a printer pictured above

Example of Self Expiring Time Tokens

Self expiring time tokens with before and after pictured above

The self expiring visitor labels are the deluxe version of our visitor labels with duplicate log.  It is a one write system where you enter the information on the visitor label, peel off, fold over the tab that reads Fold Here and the timing mechanism starts.  Eight hours later the label will read Void on the right hand side.  The one write system means that the information entered is registered to the duplicate copy below for your records. To order contact customer service via the link in the upper left.

Self Expiring Visitor label book with duplicate log $129.00 for 400 or 500 labels custom printed with your company name and using your specs. Minimum order 1 book. Free design and free set up.

The visitor information stays in the book for your record keeping.

The two digital options for self expiring Visitor badges are as follows:

Option 1. If you issue hard card ID visitor badges to a guest of your facility, you can affix our time tokens to the card.  You issue the self expiring tokens after you run the visitor badge through the ID card printer. At the end of the day, the token will visibly change colors so that badge has expired and is no longer valid.  

You can place these time tokens on any item like a sticky label or vinyl if you laminate or if you are placing the visitor badge in an id holder. The time tokens are offered in lots of 1,000 time token sets.  Each lot is $50.00.

Option 2. If you issue visitor badges by printing them on a  printer or on our temp id printer, you can use our label rolls that have the self expiring tab.  They resemble the labels in our visitor label book that self expire, except in this case they are on a roll.

After printing the visitor badge on the printer, you fold the self expiring tab.  Eight hours later the label will read VOID.

The label rolls are only offered in white and contain 250 self expiring labels per roll.  The labels are also offered in lots of 1,000.  Price for 1,000 self expiring labels $200.00.

Any of the self expiring options are convenient and efficient because you don't have to chase people down to recover visitor badges.  Our self expiring visitor badges automatically void the guest, temporary, or visitor badge after eight hours.

How to order? Contact Customer Support LIVE! or email orders@tempids.com

If ordering visitor label books:

How many labels you would like per book -- 400 or 500?  The 400 labels per book are larger than the 500 labels per book.

What information would you like printed on the book - most choose Name, Destination, Date:, and Time In.

What border color you would like to use: red, yellow, green, blue, or black (not pictured).  

Or you can go with an all yellow label background with no border color.

Your shipping information.

How many books you would like to order.

If ordering self expiring labels or time tokens, we simply need to know how many lots you would like and your shipping information.  Please note that the self expiring labels and self expiring time tokens for visitor badges are offered in lots of 1,000.

Our visitor badges with duplicate log are ideal for  for schools, for hospitals, and for businesses to identify guests to your building with or without the self expiring option.

Don't forget about our Tardy Slips and Early Dismissal book forms with duplicate copy.

Let us know the above so we can start producing the art copy for your approval.

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Using our labels for your temp ids lets you know if someone is trying to use yesterday's Temp ID badge again today.


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