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Template Design Tutorial for Expiring Label Sheets

     This tutorial is for designing your template using TempIDs.com self expiring label sheets for visitor badges.  The expiring label sheets can be also be sued for Guest, Vendor, Contractor, Volunteer, and Temporary badges.  

     The design is done in Microsoft Word and you can print from Word or save your file as a pdf to print from another computer that has the desired color or black and white laser printer.  A video tutorial to design the label sheets  is also available.  

     You should wait on hole punching or slotting the sheets to wirebound the sheets until after you print the label sheets in your laser printer.

     To design your badge, open Word and depending on your version you will want to either: 

click the Tools tab>Letters and Mailing>Envelopes and Labels>Labels>Options on far right>New Label at bottom


click Mailings at top when File is at far left>Labels>Options at bottom>New Options at bottom

     This will bring you to this new box to enter your values for your expiring label sheet template.

Template Design Expiring Label Sheets Word

     For label name: type in something easy like 10 Up Expiring.  Before entering any values, go to the bottom to Page size.  You want to make sure that it reads Letter 8 1/2" by 11". Important note: if it reads Letter 11" by  8 1/2" then some of the boxes might be grayed out so that you can't type values in.  Simply changing it to Letter 8 1/2" by 11" will allow you to change the current values.

     Enter the following values which will be in " except for number across and number down.

Top Margin: 0.34"

Label height: 1.75"

Side Margin: 1.03"

Label width: 2.69"

Vertical Pitch: 2.16"

Number across: 2

Horizontal Pitch: 3.72"

Number down: 5

     Click OK and a new box will appear click New Document on far right.

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     A new page will appear with 10 boxes. This is where you design your label.  Important tip: design your label with the type of laser printer you will print to in mind. This means that if you are using a black and white laser printer, then use black ink only in your design instead of color so that there is more contrast on your finished label page.  The template video tutorial has printed examples of the difference between a color design versus a black ink only design printed to a black and white laser printer. Of course if you are printing to a color laser printer, then use color.  Examples of visitor badges printed in color and black only appear below.

Example of Visitor Badges Printed in color

Sample Expiring Label Sheets Printed in Color

Example of Visitor Badges Printed in Black Sample Expiring Label Sheets Printed in Black

     It is easier to design your label in the top left label box and once your design is finished, copy everything in that box and paste it to the other nine boxes.

     Save your work and print a test tage on regular paper to the desired printer.  We suggest using the side tray to feed the paper and eventually the label sheets.  Make sure to mark the paper to mark the upper left hand corner and the up position so you know how to feed the label sheets when ready.

     After your page finishes printing, overlap it to the label sheet and hold it to the light to make sure all art and text falls within the label area on all 10 labels.  Note that the expiring tab will be at the right of each label. You may have to make minor tuning to the settings, but the values we entered worked on all Word computers and printers that we tested.

      Once the test page on paper looks how you want, print one copy to a single laser page keeping in mind how to feed the sheet.  If everything prints correctly, you can now print more pages or wait.  That is one of the benefits of usingTempIDs.com self expring label sheets, you can print on demand.  Some customers have different designs for different locations or different events.

      After printing the page(s) you can now slot the pages to place in a binder or book.


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      Our visitor badges with duplicate log are ideal for  for schools, for hospitals, and for businesses to identify guests to your building with or without the self expiring option.

     All things related to Temporary ID badges -- labels, printer, software, and tech support -- TempIDs.com.

Using our labels for your temporary ids lets you know if someone is trying to use yesterday's Temp ID badge again today.

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