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Example of Visitor Badges Labels with Expiring Timing Circle


Custom Labels for Visitors, Field Trips, etc. on a Roll

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Rectangle Labels Regular

Rectangle labels Larger Size 

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Custom Labels for Visitors, Field Trips, etc.

School Visitor Label Sample Labels on a roll

Visitor labels for schools printed on a roll pictured above

     In the same vain of Preprinted Temporary ID labels, also offers custom labels to use for Visitor Passes, Field Trips, Volunteers, Substitute, Parents, Bus Passes, and Chaperones as well as reminder stickers for students to wear home so parents don't forget about the upcoming PTA, PTO, or Parents' Club meeting, Early Dismissal, Special Spirit Day Dress, or to recognize students' birthdays or special achievement that day.

In addition to the two most popular sizes for visitor labels, we also offer other sizes for custom printed labels: Rectangle Labels Regular size,  Rectangle labels Larger Size,  Rectangular Labels smaller Size, Square Labels,  Circle Labels,  Oval Labels, and Quick Print Labels

We also have visitor label books with carbon copy for schools.

Our standard school label size is 2.5" x 3". The pricing below is for one color label with one color ink.

Quantity in labels

Price per thousand
1,000 $69.95
2,000 $67.95
3,000 $62.00
5,000 $49.95
10,000 $34.95

      We have 10 standard ink colors to choose from: black, yellow, red, orange, reflex blue, process blue, purple, burgundy, brown, and green.  The label colors: yellow, white, red, silver, and the following fluorescents: pink, chartreuse, green, orange, and red.

     We also have a larger 3" x 4" label size available. Please add $7.00 per thousand to the above price. Custom Visitor Labels for Schools pictured below - 3" x 4" size

Field Trip Labels for Schools

Field Trip labels pictured above

      If you would like to have the same artwork on different color labels, then we can do that for a Label Color Change Charge of $10.00 per label with a minimum of 5,000 labels ordered. Say you wanted to get 5,000 labels with the same art, but have it on five different color labels. We can do that and you would get the lower 5,000 label price. Even with the $10.00 per label color charge, the price is cheaper than ordering 1,000 labels five times.

Visitor Labels for Schools

Custom School Labels on a Roll. Sample pictured to the left. There is no duplicate log like our label book with carbon copy

     Having printed Visitor Passes help you know who is in the building and to designate them properly as a Visitor, Volunteer, Substitute, Chaperone, or Parent.

Labels for Schools Parent Passes

Custom Parent Passes for Schools pictured above

      We have hundreds of mascots to choose from or you can email us yours. We can feature your mascot prominently or as a watermark as shown on thesamples that appear on this page -- custom labels for schools. Simple designs come with complimentary layout.  Most have the school name, Visitor, Destination, Date, and Time printed on the label.

Substitute Labels for Schools

Substitute Teacher labels for Schools pictured above

     Schools typically place a reminder in the folder about upcoming events whether it is a special dress day, early dismissal, parent meeting, or to bring an item for a special event. As a parent of young school aged children I can tell you that there were times that I have forgotten to look in that special folder or sometimes the reminder fell out of the folder. Which meant for early morning audibles of running to the store before school for that special item, changing clothes at the last second and missing the school bus, or arriving late or missing the parents' club meeting entirely.

      Using reminder stickers reinforces the message by placing the sticker on the students' clothes so that the parent sees the message and encourages a higher compliance rate with your event or message at an inexpensive cost.

      We print the reminder sticker according to your specifications and we can email you or snail mail you a proof.

      For those that need lower quantities, for your consideration we have custom preprinted temporary ID rolls are 2.25" x 4" and available in white, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, light purple, and red and come 300 to a roll.'s smaller label rolls are better because most offer the larger label rolls which means you buy labels that will more than likely go unused.

      Let assist you with enhancing security at your corporate office or school with visitor temporary ID badge system. Know who belongs and who doesn't at your school to keep it safe.

      Contact customer service or call 312.662.2525 to get your custom printed school label order started.  

     All things related to Temporary ID badges -- labels, printer, software, and tech support --

Using our labels for your temporary ids lets you know if someone is trying to use yesterday's Temp ID badge again today.





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