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     Custom Lanyards manufactures a comprehensive line of quality custom printed lanyards of various imprint styles with the ability to offer unique personalised lanyards which is different from custom lanyards. offers super quick turnarounds on custom lanyards as quick as today, 24 hours, and 48 hours to meet your budget, image, and deadline.  We offer superior lanyard service with the ability to offer printing on the detachable buckle (longer production time schedule) that few others can match.

      Personalised lanyards are different from custom printed lanyards.  Custom printed lanyards have the company name or message on both the left and right side of the lanyard.  Most online providers only print on one side of the lanyard and some only print a limited portion of the fabric. The defense they use is why print on the material that will fall on the back of the neck if no one can see it. lanyards are always printed on both sides.  The only exception is lanyards printed on our 24 hour production schedule which is printed on one side only.  Online lanyard providers always print on one side only.  The problem with this is lanyards twist during the day and it will appear that you are wearing a generic or unimprinted fabric.  You pay extra to have your message printed on the lanyard.  Why not always see the imprinted message, regardless if the lanyard has twisted.  The fact that lanyards twist has nothing to do with the material or method of imprint, it is simply a characteristic of the lanyard item. offers a variety of lanyard imprint styles: sewn in or embroidered, silk screen, and dye sublimation with high quality outputand available options are: personalization which is different from the traditional customization; break away for safety, various detachable buckles; and several attachment offers. We do not produce hot stamp imprint lanyards because of the poor quality.

      As you can see from the top right picture can print on the detachable buckle regardless of whether it is a plastic or metal buckle.  On plastic buckles, we surface print on both sides for almost all customers.  A few prefer the embossed printing we offer on the plastic buckle.  For metal buckles, we laser print on both sides of the buckle and the message can be different on each side. Customer like that we offer printing on the buckle for free.  Minimums apply. also offers custom lanyard neck wallets for conference meetings, conventions, and to display photo id badges. We have 24 hour convention badge holders.

      For those that are not familiar, lanyards are cords of different length and web material worn around the neck to display photo id cards and credentials.'s lanyards are used in schools, hospitals, banking, government agencies like the post office and the like.  We offer various options with lanyards: break away for safety, detachable buckles for easy removal to scan badges for access control, dual attachments for the convention and conference meeting crowd, attachments to hold USB flash drives, special attachment choices, methods of imprint, and number of colors. The standard issue lanyard attachments are key ring or swivel hook for our quick 24 hour production lanyards. We also offer the bulldog clip and claw for those that want better lanyard choices and include those attachments without an upcharge -- minimums apply.

     Lanyards can have varying lengths, but the standard is 36 inches of material and then a closure is made with either a metal crimp or stitching.  Lanyards are offered in varying widths, but the most typical are 1 centimeter (cm) and 2 cm wide. makes lanyards to order according to your specifications so we have made lanyards 1.25 cm, 1.5 cm, 2.5 cm and even wider for customers. has been a source for custom printed lanyards for three decades. Our expertise is a trait our customers value. We have produced lanyards using the proper logo and sizing for the post office for over ten years.

      Our sewn in lanyards which some refer to as embroidered or woven are a permanent imprint on the fabric. I have come across some people still using the sewn in lanyard that we produced for them in the late 90s.

     Break away lanyards are used for safety reasons. We offer two break away styles -- velcro and a plastic male/female part.  The velcro is better suited for schools since students can't inentionally break the insert piece without your staff knowing it was done on purpose.  When force is applied to a break away lanyard, the lanyard will fall off the wearer's neck.

     One thing we have seen over the years is an inferior plastic break away that broke one time and couldn't be used again or had many DOA lanyards in the box that were not usable  -- we do not offer those.'s break away lanyards lend themselves to numerous breaks or pulls. Some of the other inferior break aways used by competitors had a cheap (read: easy to render useless) crimp that pulled apart so that all you had was a piece of fabric that you could piece together -- we don't use this type either.

      The other issue we have seen with inexperienced lanyard providers and some experienced providers is they don't know what the colour red is.  They provide their customers with a orange red blend that their clients are not all too pleased with. knows the true shade of red.

      With our low minimums on our standard sewn in embroidered lanyards, we have 27 colours to choose from even when ordering the minimum of 50 pieces.  When you order at least 500 lanyards, you can advise us of the colours to use by consulting the Pantone Matching System which includes thousands of colours. issues quality imprint lanyards in various styles according to your specifications.  Depending on your order and how much time you have prior to your in hands need date, we can provide you with a live preproduction or sample proof for you to approve prior to us printing the whole job.  This is after you approve the paper proof. The live sample proof is what all of your lanyards will look like -- lanyard imprint, lanyard imprint color, attachment(s), and other lanyard options you selected when ordering. lanyards are printed on a flat surface for better ink absorption and quality appearance.  We have noticed that competitors insist on using the cheaper tubular fabric which presents a poorer appearance and they combine it with the inferior hot stamp and the imprint comes off easily which is not something our customers want.  That is why does not use hot stamping or inferior lanyard materials.

      We have enven seen customers that did not use us receive lanyards that couldn't be worn when they purchased them from another provider.  The amount of material used was way shorter than the standard, that you couldn't fit the lanyard over your head.  Don't go with a pretender, does lanyards right. can also print your Photo ID badges.  It is easier to work with our one stop shop. Please let us know if you need ID card holders -- we offer a comprehensive lot. We can also offer free tech support on ID badging software and assist you with your Photo ID cards where most lanyard producers can not.



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