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     Similar to label sheets found at office supply stores, these label sheets have our unique self expiring badges with a registry copy for you to customize in Micorosoft Word ( Template Design Settings Tutorial ).  The label sheets contain 10 self expiring badges utilizing the one step writing process with carbon copy below and patented ink migration technology.  The adhesive badge will read void, the self expiring feature, at the end of the day which prevents reuse of the badge. To see printed samples from color laser and monochrome black laser printing.  The label sheets allow you to issue a secure temporary badge that is tamper proof.

     The 8  1/2" x 11" sheets have 10 badges per page and are sold in sets of 50 pages which equates to 500 visitor badges, the standard yield on our custom printed visitor label book with duplicate log.  These expiring label sheets are ideal for those DIYers (do it yourselfers) , looking for greater flexibility, and looking for savings on a high demand product. It is suggested that you print the sheets before hole punching or slotting the label sheets to prevent any jamming issues that could occur.

     Since the sheets must be fed through your laser printer, it comes in sheets unassembled so it is different from the finished version of the visitor label book with registry copy.  The two main differences between the loose expiring label badge sheets compared to the finished label book is no privacy or confidentiallity liner and the imprint from the design that prints from the laser printer does not appear on the duplicate copy.  See pic below.

Expiring Label Sheets for Visitor Badges

Self Expiring Label Sheets for Laser Printers    8 1/2" x 11" Pictured above

     Like the visitor label book with registry copy, these label sheets are used to identify visitors, vendors, contractors, and volunteers at your facility.  Identify authorized users with this product.

     The copy created below when you write the information on the visitor label means there is no need for a separate sign in sheet since everything is there with the entry from the label.

  Expired Label with Registry Copy from Expiring Label Sheets

Example of expired label badge and registry copy generated from expiring sheets pictured above

     In the picture above, the left side is the visitor label design printed to a black laser printer and the right side is what appears on the registry copy below when you write the information on the label.  The duplicate copy is for your records.

     You can request the complimentary front and back covers and wiring to bind the book together when ordering the expiring label sheets..  Most customers using the self expiring label sheets simply opt to three hole punch the sheets and place them in a three ring binder because of convenience. The transfer shield  is included with your order.  This shield keeps the information you write to the corresponding carbon copy and prevents information from transferring to the immediate pages below.

     The greater flexibility comes in the ability to utilize different designs with your expiring label sheets.  With the traditional visitor label book, the same design is found on each label on each page.  Since you can print one page at a time on demand with these expiring label sheets, you can have different designs for different locations and campuses, different days of the week, and so on. Some customers hold on to pages to print for a special event. You can also change the design as circumstances dictate instead of the book where you would want to finish the stock before implementing the new look.

      The savings realized  from ordeing label sheets that have expiring visitor badges compared to the finished self expiring label book  is 20-25% per "book". A "book" being 500 labels per set.

      The privacy paper found in our traditional visitor label book is preferred by most medical facilities and hospitals due to HIPPA requirements.  This is not always a deciding factor for schools and businesses.  There is no privacy paper with this duplicate copy self expiring label sheets.  When you peel the label from the sheet, the carbon copy record is easily seen below. You fold the tab on the far right to start the timing feature before handing it to the visitor, vendor, volunteer, or guest to wear.

The self expiring label sheets are 8 1/2 x 11" sheets with the carbon copy below.  There is no actual carbon paper, just the carbon copy effect without the carbon paper mess.

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The Popular Self Expiring Visitor Label Book with Duplicate Copy

Expiring label sample from the finished label book with registry copy.

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. Information on Self Expiring with Duplicate copy Minimum order is one book

     All things related to Temporary ID badges -- labels, printer, software, and tech support -- TempIDs.com.

Using our labels for your temporary ids lets you know if someone is trying to use yesterday's Temp ID badge again today.

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