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Personalized Teacher Lanyards Embroidered is the leading source for your ID lanyard needs.

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ID Badge Holders for Personalized Lanyards

For convenience we offer three badge holder cases -- vinyl, semi-rigid, and hard plastic available in the horizontal or vertical orientation -- as an upgrade to your personalized lanyard job. Some customers refer to them as the pouches for the IDs.

A. Soft Vinyl Plastic 40 ea.

B. Semi Rigid Plastic 50 ea.

C. Hard Plastic Holder 80 ea.

Soft Vinyl Holders for Monogrammed Personalized Lanyards

Semi Rigid Plastic Holders for Embroidered Personalized Lanyards

Hard Plastic Holders for Embroidered Personalized Lanyards

Soft Vinyl Holder in Vertical Orientaion pictured

Semi Rigid Holder pictured

Hard Plastic Holder pictured

While we offer a wide selection of ID holders in the catalog, these three styles are available in odd lot quantities which is to say you can order them in increments of one.  Order them to match the same quantity of personalized lanyards ordered or you can get more or less than the number of personalized lanyards purchased.

Below is a breakdown of the ID holders offered with your embroidered lanyards.

A. Soft Vinyl Plastic (pictured to the right) is the most common ID holder. Some people use it as a work wallet to carry a few dollars, hidden by the ID badge, for the vending machine. This vinyl holder can hold at least three standard ID cards.

     This vinyl holder is not made from the long haul  if you intend to remove the badge from the holder on a daily basis which might be the case if you are scanning for bar code or magnetic strip readers.

      This holder should not be your first choice if you have to remove the badge from the holder with any regularity because you will have to unlock it from the attachment each time.

     If this is the case, then you may want to consider either of the two holders below due to durability and ease of use.

Soft Vinyl Holders for Monogrammed Personalized Lanyards

B. Semi Rigid Plastic (pictured to the right) is a durable holder. It can hold three ID badges of traditional thickness.  It is the only ID holder that does not need clarification  of vertical or horizontal since it has a notch in the back for either one.

This flexibility feature comes in handy if your card design changes to the other orientation. You can still use the same holder for the new badge. You simply affix the attachment to the other notch.

This holder may not be as common as the vinyl or hard plastic, but it is popular because it is flexible, durable, and budget friendly.

Semi Rigid Plastic Holders for Monogrammed Personalized Lanyards

Semi Rigid Plastic Holders shown from Rear

It is important to note that most of the ID badge is exposed with this holder, whereas the soft vinyl and hard plastic cover all and almost all of the badge respectively.

Pictured to the left is the back of the semi rigid holder showing the two notches for either orientation.

C. Hard Plastic (pictued to the right) is the premium holder providing the ultimate in protection and durability for your ID badge.

With the vertical orientation, the card loads on the side and the horizontal holder has a top load.

You can remove the ID card numerous times without concern. This holder can accommodate two badges of regular thickness.

The window in the center is a thumb notch to provide easy access to the badge for removal.

Hard Plastic Holders for Monogrammed Personalized Lanyards

Other upgrade options for Personalized Lanyards:

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