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If you need ID cards printed, you may also be interested to know we have lanyards for your convention meeting, school, and staff.

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Temp IDs like the regular ID cards with picture and name on the label

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ID Card Printing Service

      TempIDs.com prints custom full color photo ID cards, membership cards, meeting nametags, loyalty cards, and the like for our customers. The card has the color photo, the person's first and last name, classification, company logoand a bar code if needed. You tell us what you need printed on the photo ID card or nametag for meeting or event and we will print it for you.

      Tempids.com also offers custom printed lanyards and other badge accessories to wear the ID card.  We can produce your lanyards and photo ID cards for you.

      We print custom ID cards for customers that already have an Identification badge system and those that do not have the resources for the ID system on site.

      Why would someone with an Identification badge system, the id software, camera, and printer, need tempids.com to print the ID cards for them? There are certain times of the year when printing ID badges can be a bit much for the staff and they need help with getting the first batch of cards printed and distributed quickly. TempIDs.com fills that need.

      We turn over jobs quickly so you aren't waiting for ID cards.  We have heard countless times the horror stories of photo studios taking weeks on end to get the ID cards back to the customer. TempIDs.com has a long track record of producing custom printed hard card plastic IDs in a quick period of time.

      Sure anyone can make this claim, but we actually deliver the goods. We print the ID cards in house on our multiple ID card printers. Others that offer a service similar to ours send their jobs to a third party. TempIDs.com's staff offers tech support on ID software with Asure ID being the one we recommend. So we know how to quickly address tech issues that may arise with any data.

      It isn't uncommon for TempIDs.com to pick up the database and photos (the design was already approved and bar code readability was confirmed previously) late in the day around 5 pm and print the photo ID cards and have them in the customer's hand at 6:30 the next morning. Customers love this type of service and attention to detail with their photo ID job.

      We can accept your emailed files for printing as well. We do this all the time.

      TempIDs.com is a leader in identification solutions and is here to assist you in conducting your business in a secure and efficient manner. Whether you are looking for printed photo id  cards, membership cards, loyalty cards and the like, tempids.com can print these for you.

      Please note that we have a minimum order of 100 cards on our ID card printing service. Our current special on full service full color photo IDcard printing is $1.25 per card for single sided printing with a bar code. Design service is a flat $35.00 and we will email you a proof.

      We offer a full portfolio of plastic card products and services.

I Need Someone to Print My ID Cards for me. This is what we need from you.

Additional charges:

Slotting the card 5 per card

Printing Color on the second side:

Color 80

Black ink only 50

Vinyl Holders in the horizontal or vertical 40

Magnets are available.

Assembly is extra and depends if you need affixing to a lanyard, magnet, clips, holders and the like.



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