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What are Personalized Lanyards

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Personalized Lanyards Different from Custom Lanyards

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Senior Lanyards with Student Name

A senior lanyard is a personalized lanyard printed with the individual student name and the school name. These specialized neck lanyards are similar to the (Staff Name Lanyards), Teacher appreciation gifts, and player name lanyards. The method of imprint is permanent on the fabric.

Example of Senior Class lanyard with student name

Personalized Senior lanyard with paw prints pictured above

In the Senior lanyard example pictured, the school name is printed on the right side of the lanyard when worn and the student's name appears on the left hand side. The swivel hook was used in this lanyard sample.

Personalization is a nice touch to a high quality, long lasting lanyard product. If your mascot is a tiger, lion, cougar or the like, we can place the paw print shown on the name.  The paw print is free and has been a welcome addition. Some schools with a bulldog as the mascot have also used this paw print.

This is a popular spirit item and a keepsake for the Senior Class.

We print from the excel file you provide.  See our guide on how to submit names for personalized lanyards.

Low minimums of 25 lanyards

with FREE set up, but 50 pieces is where you want to be for the big price break on personalized school lanyards. Quick production time of 5-7 working days.

Schools looking at Senior Name Lanyards also looked at Visitor Label Books and Tardy Slip books and they also found senior lanyard with name samples to be helpful

Each senior has a lanyard that is uniquely their own. Some of the schools we work with have done the personalized lanyards for other classes with the Freshmen lanyards coming in second in terms of popularity of student personalized lanyards.

Popular Upgrade options:

Detachable buckle                         USB attachment                 Break Away for Safety

These personalized lanyards are also for teacher lanyards or staff lanyards. The sewn in process provides that the imprint also appears on the bottom side of the lanyard.  Athletic groups like football and baseball teams have used this personalised lanyard with the jersey number.





Price per piece




Please note the absolute minimum is 25 pieces and the price to personalize is $6.95 each. If you order 50 pieces then you can order a combination of personalized lanyards and regular custom lanyards to reach the 50 piece level or even the 100 piece level price.  The custom only lanyards are cheaper by $2.00 per lanyard when ordering at least 50 pieces.  If you order 25 pieces and have less than 25 individual names to print, then we will print the same thing on the left and right side of the lanyard on the balance until we reach 25 lanyards.

The pricing includes one color lanyard with one color imprint, free set up, and your choice of either a swivel hook or key ring attachment.

Color chart for sewn in lanyards

Ways to submit names for personalization in Excel (best) , Notepad (good), Email (good), or Word (ok)

Info we need for your personalized lanyard order

More information on sewn in lanyards with video samples

If you simply want the organization, school name, or event name printed on the lanyard then the turnaround is still 5-7 days.  We do offer 3 Day Production on these High Quality Sewn in Lanyards without the personalization, but with the custom printing.  Limited color selection and custom lanyards means school name on both sides with no individual names.

Why is it important to go with a lanyard printer that does printing on both sides.

Sewn in, woven or embroidered lanyards are machine washable and you don't have to worry about the imprint coming off.  As with all of our lanyard products, we suggest not using white as a background color because it will appear dirty quickly.

Upgrade your lanyard to have a detachable buckle or breakaway. Difference between the buckle and break aways.  Video explanation

Contact Customer Support LIVE!

Please contact us with your questions or order 1.888.894.4591.

My ordeal in finding producers of lanyards with the staff name on one side and the company name on the other.

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How to place your personalized individual name lanyard order

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